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Katica Roy


I am Katica Roy, and I am on a mission to achieve intersectional gender equity, once and for all. Whether or not we believe gender equity is a social issue, it’s a $12 trillion global economic opportunity.  

My Story

My mission to close the intersectional gender equity gap solidified after returning to work from maternity leave with my daughter. My boss had been optimized (that’s a fancy word for fired) while I was on leave, and within two weeks of being back, I went from managing one team of employees to managing three. It was a great opportunity for a breadwinner mother of two—until I discovered the other half of the story. 

My male colleague who was one job level higher than me had taken on one additional team and received additional compensation for doing so. I received nothing. So I went to my new manager and HR to ask them how they wanted to make me whole. I expected them to close this pay gap, but instead they said nothing.

Being a former paralegal, I decided to do some research. I found the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which changed the statute of limitations for equal pay. I called HR and said, “This is a Lilly Ledbetter Issue, every time you pay me, the statute of limitations starts over. What do you want to do about it?”

To their credit, the company gave me back pay and increased my salary, but this experience of fighting for pay equity left a mark. Why should I have to spend my time and my resources researching and fighting for my rights? Plus, my children rely on me for their financial security. Why should they have less economic opportunity simply because their mother is the breadwinner?


That experience catalyzed my mission to close the gender equity gap and eventually led me to found Pipeline™

Pipeline™ is a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to help organizations increase their revenues by moving toward intersectional gender equity. With the tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we can make intersectional gender equity a reality in this lifetime. The choice is ours.

Are you ready to join the journey to intersectional gender equity?


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