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Award-winning economist has tapped AI to close the gender equity gap 3-29-23 (TNW)

These 5 gender equity events impacted the U.S. economy in 2022 1-4-23 (Fortune)

Leaders: Three resolutions you need to make for gender equity in 2023 12-28-22 (Fast Company)

5 news stories that shaped the gender equity conversation in 2022 12-27-22 (MSNBC)


Labor shortage: How ‘a more equitable workforce’ can bring women back 12-10-22 (Yahoo! Finance)


Don’t put DEI on backburner in a downturn 12-5-22 (WorkLife, Digiday Media) 


U.S. policymakers have one last chance to avoid a recession: find the 1.5 million women who vanished from our workforce 11-17-22 (Fortune) 


5QW with CEO & gender economist Katica Roy 11-9-22 (MBA Chic)


The Pandemic Pay Cut 10-26-22 (Diversity Woman)


Mom’s Equal Pay Day and why it matters 9-8-22 (MBA Chic)

 Everyone pays the 'pink tax' — whether you know it or not 9-8-22 (MSNBC)

What is proximity bias? 9-7-22 (Future Forum)

More than a million women have left the workforce. The Fed needs to consider them as it defines ‘full employment’ 9-6-22 (Fortune)

Myth Busting: Use Your Power To Innovate and Increase Workplace Equity 9-2-22 (Take the Lead)


Women are supporting a tax system that doesn’t support them 8-30-22 (Fast Company)

Young grads seeking employment may be in for a rude awakening 8-26-22 (MSNBC)


Why men can (and should) participate in the care economy too 8-26-22 (World Economic Forum)


$350 million for WeWork co-founder shows how broken and biased venture capital is 8-26-22 (NPR)

4 Ways our Economy Is Voting Against Women Right Now 8-24-22 (HerMoney) 


Why It Costs $300k+ More To Be A Woman Than It Does To Be A Man 8-17-22 (HerMoney)

Women are slated for another economic blow. Here's how to weather the storm 8-9-22 (MSNBC) 


The recession is already here–if you’re a woman 8-4-22 (Fortune)


Leaders support on this issue is a force multiplier for their employees and their bottom line 7-24-22 (Fast Company) 


The most uncomfortable secret lingering under the corporate reaction to Roe’s reversal 7-11-22 (Fast Company) 


Women’s Foundation of Alabama reports potential for the state’s overall GDP to grow by $22 billion 5-13-22 (Yellowhammer News)


Pipeline Partners With Workday to Close Intersectional Wage Gap 2-24-22 (Built In) 

From equal pay to more paternity leave, here are 5 ways business leaders can fight for gender equity 02-23-22 (Fortune)

Where are all the women workers? 01-05-22 (Fast Company)


10 big events from 2021 that shaped our journey to gender equity 01-14-22 (Fast Company)



5 ways the pandemic affected gender equity in 2021 12-28-21 (MSNBC)

How an AI startup is trying to fix gender bias in workplace 12-10-21(Search Enterprise AI)

Building Back Better won’t be equitable unless we do this 11-04-21 (Fast Company)


Workers deserve equal pay for equal work, regardless of their geographic location 8-16-21 (Fast Company)

I’m the Techstars CEO: Here’s why focusing on ESG drives wealth 8-12-21 (Fast Company)

Falling birth rates are an economic issue. Here’s how we can fix it 8-10-21 (Fast Company)


The upskilling revolution will fail if women are left behind 7-1-21 (Fortune)


Childcare alone won’t solve our economic woes. This is how to get women back to work 6-24-21 (Fast Company)

Pipeline Equity's Katica Roy on the new metrics of stakeholder capitalism 6-7-21 (Fortune)

Optimizing the Power of AI for Gender Equity 3-29-21 (hello, Human)

3 women in Biden’s cabinet are going to boost the post-COVID recovery 3-21-21 (Fortune)

The gender wage gap costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year. This is how to fix it 3-10-21 (Fast Company)

It’s going to take 20 years for the gender pay gap to recover to pre-pandemic levels 3-9-21 (HerMoney)

Want to step up as a stakeholder capitalist? Start by measuring up on diversity 2-25-21 (Fortune)


This Is A National Emergency For Women. We Need Actions, Not Words 2-23-21 (Worth)


A women-focused recovery, Nikki Haley’s choice and a farewell. 2-17-21 (Politico)

How we measure stakeholder capitalism will determine our recovery. 2-5-21 (World Economic Forum)


This is one surefire way to shore up the U.S. economy. 2-2-21 (Fast Company)


Female-founded companies will save our economy. Here’s why. 1-19-21 (Fast Company)

Better use of technology can help us close racial and gender gaps at work. 1-6-21 (Fortune)


32 years of progress…vanished in less than a year': 5 ways the pandemic affected gender equity in 2020. 1-5-21 (NBC Know Your Value)


Gender Equity Is Not Zero Sum. 12-31-20 (Harvard Business Review)


It won’t take 257 years to reach intersectional gender equity if we do these 5 things. 12-22-20 (Fast Company)


How women will drive the revival of the middle class. 11-11-20 (World Economic Forum)

Women's labor force participation set back three years due to COVID-19. 11-1-20 (The Hill)

Election Day needs to be a federal holiday because it's good for business. 10-30-20 (Fast Company)

CEO Daily | The world's best workplace. 10-14-20 (Fortune)

American capitalism needs equal-pay legislation. Canada is showing us how to make it work. 10-12-20 (Fortune)

The future of work needs women to succeed. Our economy depends on it. 10-9-20 (Fast Company)

This is why the Equal rights Amendment matters for our economic recovery. 10-1-20 (Fast Company)

Voter suppression: America must end this shame. 9-29-20 (Financial Times)

Are you ready for a stakeholder-driven world?​ 9-28-20 (Fortune)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed my life forever—but her fight isn't over. 9-21-20 (Fast Company)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for women's basic rights. It's a legacy just as powerful as her record on the Supreme Court. 9-21-20 (Fortune)

Happy International Equal Pay Day? 9-18-20 (Fortune)

The ghost of the dot-com bubble. 9-18-20 (Fortune)​


Companies must commit to equal pay to make stakeholder capitalism work. 9-18-20 (Fortune)​

How ​corporate venture capital could close the gender gap for entrepreneurs. 9-9-20 (Fast Company)

How COVID-19 pushed the childcare industry to the brink. 9-8-20 (TIME)

The American style of tipping is hurting women the most, especially amid COVID-19. Here's why 8-27-20 (NBC Know Your Value)

The 19th Amendment is 100 years old. Voting rights are still far from equal 8-3-20 (Fast Company)

Coronavirus Is Hitting Women Harder. Here's How to Turn The Burnout Train Around 7-24-20 (HerMoney)

How Katica Roy Is Using AI to Bring Equality Into the Workplace 7-21-20 (Worth)

Gender equity and climate change have more in common than you think 7-14-20 (World Economic Forum)

How Your Brand Addresses Equity Impacts Everyone's Economic Recovery 7-9-20 (Built In Colorado)

If You Want to Change the World, Change the Way Capital Flows 7-1-20 (SOCAP)

How AI can ensure your transition to remote work is equitable 6-26-20 (World Economic Forum)

The G7 summit didn’t happen, but here’s what I’d ask them to do for equality 6-24-20 (Fast Company)

How to create a workplace that truly values black women 6-18-20 (NBC Know Your Value)

The economic insecurity of Black breadwinner moms affects us all 6-10-20 (Fast Company)

AI Can Unlock the Economic Gains of Gender Equity 6-3-20 (Techonomy)

This is why a gender-sensitive approach will be essential to the future of work after COVID-19 5-6-20 (Fast Company)

Why Empathy is Lacking in Our Response to COVID-19 (and How We Can Fix It) 5-1-20 (Thrive Global)

Female-owned business' access to cash is mission-critical to save our economy 4-29-20 (NBC Know Your Value)

Here’s how to achieve gender equality after the pandemic 4-25-20 (World Economic Forum)

Women will play a critical role in the U.S. economic recovery 4-24-20 (Fast Company)

I’m a breadwinner mom and this is why helping women in the sandwich generation is good for the U.S. economy 4-17-20 (Fast Company)

Video: Q&A with Katica Roy, Gender Economist + CEO, Pipeline 4-17-20 (Conscious Company)

"Know your "why" and share it." With Penny Bauder and Katica Roy 3-29-20 (Thrive Global)

If we don't act fast, women will bear the brunt of the financial crisis caused by coronavirus 3-23-20 (NBC Know Your Value)

Why women will be hardest hit by a coronavirus-driven recession 3-20-20 (Fast Company)

Want to be a CEO? Don't let this No. 1 factor hold you back 3-10-20 (NBC Know Your Value)

Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: "It is a myth that we need to close the gender gap" with Katica Roy 3-4-20 (Authority Magazine)

How Hollywood’s inequity is creating a social and economic crisis 2-21-20 (Fast Company)

I’m a Mom and CEO, and I Don’t Support Maternity Leave 2-19-20 (Thrive Global)

10 Gender Equity Trends of the Past Decade 2-11-20 (Forbes)

Biased AI is Another Sign We Need to Solve the Cybersecurity Diversity Problem 2-6-20 (Security Intelligence)

How CEO Katica Roy Avoids Burnout By Protecting Her Family Time 1-27-20 (Thrive Global)

Her AI Analyzes Your Performance Review for Gender Bias 1-12-20 (OZY)

How the Gender Pay Gap Cuts Straight through the Economics of America 1-8-20


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is redefining the economy as we know it 11-26-19 (World Economic Forum)

This is what the Democratic candidates say about gender and policy 11-20-19 (Fast Company)

Can the EEOC Be Persuaded to Keep Collecting Pay Data? 11-21-19 (SHRM)

The EU’s Next Big Move: Taking Leadership to Close the Gender Gap in AI 11-14-19 (Forbes)

Comment on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 11-13-19 (

Who Wins in the Age of AI? 11-12-19 (Salesforce)

The Impact of Major US Exchanges Being Led by Women 10-9-19 (Bloomberg)

This is the campaign issue no presidential candidate is addressing 10-15-19 (Fast Company)

There’s a gender crisis in media, and it's threatening our democracy 9-10-19 (Fast Company)

What's wrong with relying on your people instincts when building a team? 9-1-19 (Nashville Business Journal) 

Colorado Inno's 2019 Inno on Fire 8-29-19 (Colorado Inno)

We need to define America’s new middle class 8-26-19 (Fast Company)

Even the Trump Trade War is Sexist 8-26-19 (Quartz)

The Hidden Gender Politics of Trump's China Tariffs 8-22-19 (Bloomberg)

Why the Future of AI Needs Ethical Human Judgment 8-13-19 (Cisco) 

Is Congress Capable of Legislating Unbiased A.I.? 8-8-19 (Salesforce)

We'll Never Have Gender Parity in Politics Until We Solve This 7-31-19 (Morning Consult)

Yes, Even US Import Taxes Have Gender Bias 7-22-19 (Bloomberg)

Gender Economist to Offer Keynote at weVENTURE Impact Summit 7-19-19 (Florida Tech)

Female candidates 2020 and the false narrative of electability 6-28-19 (The Hill)

With Equality Act Languishing, Companies Need to Step Up 6-20-19 (The Advocate)

Why becoming a single-income household was the best thing for my family 6-16-19 (Fast Company)

How My Dad Taught Me To Fight For Equal Pay 6-12-19 (Forbes)

Finally, How To Be A Good Mom And Executive 6-10-19 (Forbes)

Breadwinning moms say ‘thank you’ to Kamala Harris 5-31-19 (The Hill)

Market Makers: How Gender Equity is the Future of the Financial Services Industry 5-24-19 (Bloomberg)

The role of men in gender empowerment 5-21-19 (Women In Insurance)

Gender inequity costs the United States $2 trillion in lost GDP 5-17-19 (Fast Company)

The Hidden Factor Affecting Your Company’s Financial Performance 5-9-19 (Salesforce)

What Every CEO Needs to Know About AI, Gender Equity, and the Future of Work 5-5-19

More Than Just One Day: Keeping Up The Momentum Of International Women’s Day 4-18-19 (Huffington Post)

The Very Real Effects of Having More Women in Office 4-12-19 (5280)

The Significance of Equal Pay 4-2-19 (Bloomberg)

Behind the Scenes with Katica Roy 3-29-19 (Bloomberg)

The Editor's Discussion Series: Fighting Inequality in the New Gilded Age 3-29-19 (Bloomberg)

Top Techie Katica Roy Envisions Equal Opportunity 3-26-19 (ColoradoBiz)

Gender Economist: Katica Roy 3-26-19 (Colorado Business Roundtable)

White males dominate Denver's tech scene, but some companies are working to change that 3-14-19 (Denver Business Journal)

Let's Settle This Once and for All: 'Can You Be a Good Mom and an Entrepreneur?' 3-8-19 (Entrepreneur)

Inspiration returns with International Women's Day Celebration 2-27-19 (Colorado Springs Independent) 

Perspectives from B2B Leaders 2-27-19 (LinkedIn)

3 Gender Equity Predictions for 2019 2-13-19 (Forbes)

2018 + Earlier

Katica Roy Named Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business 12-20-18 (Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce)


Member Profile: Katica Roy, CEO, Pipeline 12-17-18 (Bloomberg: Live)


Styled IRL 12-14-18 (Denver Style Magazine)

CEO Insights: Why Closing the Gender Pay Gap Could Save Social Security 12-11-18 (Bloomberg)

CEOS And The Importance Of Talking About Gender Equity 12-5-18 (Forbes)

Why Gender Equity in Tech is Critical to the Future of the U.S. Economy 11-13-18 (Salesforce)

Preparing For The Gender Chasm And Midterm Elections 11-5-18 (Forbes)

Using Data to Drive Gender Equity 10-23-18 (Women's Foodservice Forum)

Changing the Game for Women 10-3-18 (strategy + business)

Want Gender Equity? Pay Transparency is Step One 9-24-18 (Ethisphere)

Live TV Interview with Pipeline CEO Katica Roy 9-7-18 (Daily Blast Live)

Katica Roy: Gender Equity Through the Lens of Labor Economics 8-30-18 (The SheSuite)

Katica Roy 8-29-18 (Wharton Business Radio)

Rainmakers: How Gender Equity in Sales Boosts Your Top Line 8-21-18 (Salesforce)

DBJ's 2018 Outstanding Women in Business | Katica Roy Profile 8-15-18 (Denver Business Journal)

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Us Solve Gender Bias 7-31-18 (Thrive Global)

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Us Close the Gender Equity Gap 7-31-18 (Authority Magazine)

Katica Roy Named Outstanding Woman In Business Finalist 7-17-18 

Revealed: DBJ's Outstanding Women in Business 2018 Finalists 7-11-18 (Denver Business Journal)

The Economic Case for Using AI to Close the Gender Equity Gap 7-3-18 (Salesforce)

Interview with Katica Roy, CEO and Founder of Pipeline 7-2-18 (InnovatioNews)

New Survey Reveals Equal Pay the Biggest Challenge Facing Women in Commercial Real Estate 6-27-18 (RETS Associates)

A Fresh Look at a Long-Standing Problem: Using Blockchain to Achieve Gender Equity 6-21-18 (Entrepreneur)

How My Dad Taught Me To Fight For Equal Pay 6-12-18 (Forbes)

The Story Behind The First Gender Equity AppExchange App 6-11-18 (Salesforce AppExchange)

Katica Roy '95: Not on Her Watch 6-8-18 (University of San Francisco)

How Artificial Intelligence Can Solve the Issues Surrounding Gender Equity 5-24-18 (CEIproject)

20 Female Founders to Watch in Colorado 5-22-18 (Boulder Bits)

The Importance Of Male Voices In The Gender Equity Narrative 5-9-18 (Forbes)

Salesforce Accelerate Talks with Pipeline 5-6-18 (Salesforce for Startups Podcast)

Thought Leader: Katica Roy helps employers increase workplace diversity 5-4-18 (Denver Business Journal)

The Business Case For Gender Equity: Encouraging The C-Suite to Leverage This Unparalleled Economic Opportunity 4-5-18 (Salesforce)

How These Two Things Could Close the Gender Gap Permanently 4-5-18 (Forbes)

People on the Move | Katica Roy appointed Board Member at University of San Francisco Women in Leadership & Philanthropy 3-29-18 (San Francisco Business Times)

Gender Pay Equity Gets Boost from Artificial Intelligence 3-22-8 (KCBS Radio)

Katica Roy Appointed to University of San Francisco Women in Leadership & Philanthropy Advisory Board 3-16-18 

Cracking the Silicon Ceiling 2-23-18 (Cues)

One Graduate's View: Why Daniels' Commitment to Gender Equity Matters 2-20-18 (University of Denver)

Katica Roy 2-18-18 (The Doyenne Project)

Tech Women Rising: Crushing the Gender Gap from Startup to Scale 10-5-17 (Huffington Post)

The 4-generation Workforce 8-30-17 (Denver Business Journal)

The Economic Cost of Gender Inequity and the Leaky Pipeline 8-28-17 (Huffington Post)

The Economics of Gender Equity in Colorado: A $40 billion opportunity 8-25-17 (CoBizMag)

Helping Companies Drive Economic Gains Through Gender Equity 8-24-17 (Extraordinary Women Radio)

Why We Need Gender Equity Now 9-14-17 (Forbes)

Fixing the Leaky Pipeline 7-11-17 (Ellevate Podcast, Episode 66)

Katia Roy Named 2018 Colorado Governors' Fellow 5-22-17

TV Interviews

Radio + Podcasts

Consciously Unbiased | How Technology Can Help Us Close The Gender Gap At Work

Bloomberg Businessweek | Closing the Gender Pay Gap  


Smart Amazing Conversations with Dr. Nancy | Gender Equity, a $3.1 trillion boost to US economy

What the Fundraising | Closing the Gender Equity Gap 


Wharton Business Daily radio | The pink tax


We Should Talk About That | We Should Talk About Gender Equity 


Built for Change | The Art of A.I. Maturity and Why It Matters 


Business Remixed | Achieving Gender Equity with Katica Roy 


Work Revolution | Why Gender Equity is Good for the Economy

Startup Hustle | Why Intersectionality Matters at Work

The Tech Talks Daily Podcast | The AI Startup Fixing Gender Bias in the Workplace

Wharton Business Daily radio | The triple whammy recession for women 

MaYapinion™ Podcast | Gender Economist and CEO of Pipeline, Katica Roy on MaYapinion™

Wharton Business Daily | The Top Working Mother Myths

Breaking Banks podcast | The Three Trillion Dollar Economic Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight


Bloomberg Businessweek | Keys to Closing the Gender Pay Gap


Wharton Business Daily | International Women's Day: Closing the Gender Pay Gap


Bloomberg Businessweek | How Technology Can Help Close Racial and Gender Gaps at Work on Apple Podcasts


DE Talk | Combatting the “She-cession”: Creating Equitable Opportunity for Women


FortressIQ | hello, human. | Eve Rodsky Reveals Invisible Work

Fast Company | Fast Break | Optimizing the Power of AI for Gender Entity


Fast Company | Fast Break | Dan Harris Finds Meditation and Gretchen Carlson Fights Arbitration


Just Go Grind | Closing the Gender Equity Gap with Katica Roy, CEO at Pipeline Equity

Barclays | Rise FinTech Podcast | Katica Roy, CEO and founder at Pipeline Equity, chats with Daisy Hopkins

Fast Company | Fast Break | Sophia Bush on Gender in Hollywood

Fast Company | Fast Break | Election Misinformation and Gender Politics

Fast Company | Fast Break | Moving Towards Gender Equity

Line of Sight | Exploring Gender Equity with Katica Roy

Work i​n Progress with Sophia Bush | Equal Pay Day: Closing the Gender Pay Gap with Katica Roy 

ADmire! | Episode 19 Guest – Katica Roy


I ALSO Want Money | The Masculinization of Wealth with Katica Roy

MIT Sloan Management Review | AI's Role in Achieving Gender Equity 

Bloomberg | Why Women Bear a Bigger Brunt of the Trade War 


Jennifer Brown | Unconscious Bias Meets Conscious Action - How Pipeline is Using Tech to Elevate Consciousness and Create Gender Equity 


NPR | Employers Must Now Release Data to Close Race-Gender Pay Gap

Law Talk Colorado | Gender equity, the economy, and public policy: Discussion with Denver-based Pipeline Equity CEO Katica Roy

Scaling Up | Fighting for Gender Equity for Both Sides

FUTUREPROOF | The Future of Gender Equity – and Why It Impacts Everyone

The Will to Change | Unconscious Bias Meets Conscious

Action- How Pipeline is Using Tech to Elevate Consciousness and Create Gender Equity

Bloomberg Radio | Gender Equity Has Gotten Worse In The U.S. Since 2015 

Denver’s Money Talk | Live Interview with Pipeline CEO Katica Roy

Women@Work | Katica Roy on Creating an Analytics Plugin to Close The Gender Equity Gap

HerMoney | How to Close the Gender Pay Gap Once and For All  

Know Your Team | Interview with Katica Roy, CEO and Founder of Pipeline 

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